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Our past…

When Paul Dufrene Jr. started out 57’ Chevy’s were just being designed for production. It was just him and he had a vision...

A vision of a lumber yard. Paul Jr’s vision became reality.

30 years later… Paul Jr’s son, or who his many friends refer to as “Big Paul”, took a single location and successfully expanded his dad’s vision. “Big Paul” was successful because like his father, he also had a vision. He had a brilliant understanding of the lumber industry… and most importantly he succeeded because he was a relentless hard worker!

Our future…

“Big Paul’” has three sons, T-Paul, Jacob and Dustin. Like their father, the boys literally grew up in the lumber yard and have an instinctive knowledge of the building materials industry. 

They learned how to operate the business the old-fashioned way… they stacked lumber, learned inventory, how to work with company employees and most importantly how to work with customers. 

After a lifetime of learning, T-Paul, Jacob and Dustin Dufrene have assumed leadership of Dufrene Building Materials.

Just like their father and grandfather, they also have a vision. Their vision is to make Dufrene Building Materials one of the most successful businesses in the industry.

Their vision is becoming a reality.



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